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Women in Academic Medicine group


The Women in Academic Medicine group (WAM) was established to consider how best to tackle the relative lack of women in academic medicine compared with medicine as a whole, and the apparent lack of comparable career progression. 

WAM's specific objectives are to identify further actions that would enhance the position of women in academic medicine and to advise the medical academics' staff committee (MASC) on any actions that it or the wider BMA should be taking. 


WAM conference 2018

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The group came about following the recommendations of the Women in Academic Medicine report on these issues prepared by MASC and the BMA's health policy and economic research unit. 

Read the report on developing equality and governance

This was followed by further reports which WAM monitors progress on implementation of:


Role models in academic medicine

WAM produced a nomination form allowing women in academic medicine to recognise those who have been instrumental in their careers, inspired them, and to also draw on examples of good practice. The expectation is to create a network of support, advice and encouragement to women in academic medicine.

The WAM group have now begun to contact nominees to inform them that they have been nominated.

Please contact the WAM secretariat if you have any further questions.

  • WAM conference 2018

    The WAM group held its third conference on Friday 12 October to celebrate and promote the role of women in academic medicine and in particular, the development of policy at every level.

    This exciting one-day conference celebrated and promoted the role of women in academic medicine, in particular, in the development of policy at every level. The conference will provided a national forum for female medical academics to raise issues, share experiences and celebrate achievements with the aim of supporting and empowering female academics.   

    Presentations and resources from the conference will be shared shortly.


    Conference highlights

    The conference included:

    • Keynote address by Professor Dame Jane Dacre, President of the Royal College of Physicians, on the implications of the Deech report and how it has influenced policy and changed the roles of women within academic medicine
    • Panel discussion on 'progress for women in academic medicine and future steps'. Panellists included Professor Dame Jane Dacre and Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, MWF president
    • Presentation from Dr Emily Harrop, consultant at Helen and Douglas house hospice, and Dr Zoe Picton-Howell, lay member of the NICE End of Life Care (Children) Guidelines Writing Committee on influencing policy at a clinical and a national level
    • Presentation from Professor Simone E Buitendijk, Vice-Provost (Education), Imperial College London, on helping to influence policy for undergraduate and postgraduate education
    • Networking

    Discussion groups on:

    • Appraisal – what you need to prepare for in your appraisal and what you should be expecting from your assessor.
      Dr Mary McCarthy, UEMO vice president and BMA women in academic medicine group member
    •  Leadership and management – discussion on how to advance your career and how to utilise the leadership opportunities available to you in your workplace.
      Dr Emma Vaux, Royal College of Physicians senior censor and vice president, education and training
    •  Self-care in academic medicine – discussion on how to maintain positive self-care in the workplace and your personal life.
      Dr Blandina Blackburn, BMA occupational medicine committee member
    •  Returning to practice – returning to work after a career break or maternity leave and an opportunity to network with attendees who have had similar experiences.
    • Working with the media and getting your press release noticed – the skills required to succeed in getting the media to notice and communicate your work to stakeholders you are aiming to influence.
      Abi Rimmer, BMJ news reporter and careers editor
    •  Podcast training – advice on how to prepare for a podcast, different formats to think about and considering the audience you’re speaking to.
      Duncan Jarvies, BMJ podcast producer
    •  Confident communication –  a session brought to you by 'The Confidence People' designed to help you gain confidence, communicate with clarity and focus, develop your own voice and style and get messages across with assurance, flair and dynamism. It will cover preparation, voice and body language and dealing with nerves.
      Ros Adler and Lea Seller, The Confidence People
    •  Focus group on the gender pay gap review – an opportunity to feed into and be updated on, the work by the BMA on the gender pay gap review in the medical profession.
      Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, BMA junior doctors committee deputy co-chair

    Although the conference was of specific interest to women working in academic medicine including part-time and within the NHS, attendance by women working in public health medicine was also welcomed.

  • Membership information


    Dr Carmen Soto


    Dr Marcia Schofield
    Dr Mary Anne Burrow
    Professor Peter Dangerfield
    Dr Mary Jane Platt
    Professor Michael Rees
    Dr Fizzah Ali
    Dr Charlotte Barker
    Dr Roxanne Keynejad
    Dr Mary McCarthy
    Dr Sarah Mills
    Dr Beryl De Souza
    Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram