Medical Academics Committee Scotland

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Membership of the Scottish Medical Academic Staff Committee (SMASC)


Mary Anne Burrow


Deputy chair



Voting members

Elected medical academic on BMA Scottish council

  • Vacant

Nine members holding substantive contracts of employment with a university, medical school, research council or other institution engaged in medical research

  • Mr Neal Millar (University of Glasgow)
  • Professor Ghulam Nabi (University of Dundee)
  • Professor Christoph Thuemmler (Edinburgh Napier University)
  • Dr Louise Wilkie (University of St Andrews)
  • Vacancy x 5

Two members elected from and by academic foundation trainees, pharmaceutical physicians or other doctors who have significant commitments with a university or higher education institution and who have (or would be reasonably assumed to be entitled to have) an honorary academic contract recognising such work

  • Dr Peter Murray (University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Jenna Gregory (University of Edinburgh)

Members of MASC elected from COMAR, resident and working in Scotland and not otherwise on the committee

  • Dr Mary Anne Burrow
  • Dr Sarah Mills


Non-voting members

Co-opted members (up to one)

  • Vacancy

Chair of Scottish council (ex officio)

  • Dr Peter Bennie

Chair (or a deputy) of MASC (ex officio)

  • Dr Peter Dangerfield

One member appointed by the SCC

  • Mr Simon Barker

One member appointed by the SJDC

  • Dr Luke Boyle

One member appointed by the SGPC

  • Dr Susannah Mitchell

One member appointed by the SMSC

  • Ms Laura Irvine

One member appointed by the BDA

  • To be confirmed