Medical Academics Committee

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Membership of the Medical Academics Committee (MASC)

The members of MASC are elected by our annual conference, the Conference of Medical Academic Representatives.

Observers are also appointed by other BMA committees and relevant external organisations such as the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Education Deans (CoPMED), the National Association of Clinical Tutors (NACT) and the Academy of Medical Educators (AME).



The MASC co-chairs are Michael Rees and Peter Dangerfield.

Deputy chairs

  • David Katz
  • Marcia Schofield
  • David Strain


Medical academic representatives 2018-19

Members of MASC

Marcia Schofiled*
Mary Anne Burrow*
Peter Dangerfield*
Mark Gabbay*
David Katz*
Colin MacDougall
Sarah Mills
Phillip Pearson*
Sumantra Ray
Michael Rees*
Amitava Banerjee
Carmen Soto*
Stephen McAleer
Jonathan Morris
Padma Nainar
David Strain*
Bala Karunakaran*

*Members of the executive


There is currently a vacant seat on the committee for a Welsh medical academic. If you are interested, please contact [email protected].