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Academic trainees

Academic trainees are represented in the BMA by the Joint Academic Trainees Subcommittee (JATS) of both MASC and the JDC.

An academic trainee is defined as being a junior doctor with an academic or research component to their training.

JATS has the responsibility of considering and taking forward issues of concern to academic trainees and of ensuring that academic training is considered by the parent committees.


Election to the JATS

There are places for four academic trainees to be elected to the JATS at the Clinical Academic Trainees' Conference.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for JATS are as follows:

  • To consider matters particularly affecting academic trainees
  • To advise the MASC and JDC on matters affecting academic trainees, including on possible courses of action and to facilitate the sharing of relevant information between MASC and JDC
  • To lead on developing BMA policy specifically for academic trainees, with the exception of contractual negotiations, on which the subcommittee will advise both MASC and JDC
  • To take forward any action as directed by MASC and JDC
  • To lead on developing guidance for academic trainees for approval by MASC and JDC
  • To lead on developing and enhancing communications with academic trainees
  • To organise the Clinical academic trainees conference.


Committee representative


  • JATS chair: Bala Karunakaran

Deputy Chairs

  • JATS deputy chair: Yanushi Wijeyeratne


Clinical academic trainees conference

Details of past annual conferences and conference presentations available for download.

  • 2014 conference

    The 2014 conference focused on IMPACT in both research and teaching and how to achieve it.

    The issues of research integrity, public and patient involvement, the translation of research into practice, education and training were covered in keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops.

    Download the 2014 conference programme


  • 2015 conference

    The 2015 conference was held in Sheffield on 7 November 2015, featuring a keynote address from Dr Richard Turkington of Queen’s University Belfast.

    Download the full programme