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RJDC England elections 2017

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"We all have a part to play. You can choose how big or small your part can be."

Bala Karunakaran
Chair, National and Regional Junior Doctors' Chairs' Committee

Regional junior doctors committee elections for England will take place 4 - 8 September 2017. 

Vote or stand to represent junior doctors locally, regionally and nationally.

Influence policy and make a change for your colleagues - and your patients.

This is your opportunity to ensure the RJDC is a representative, ambitious and active body that is connected to junior doctors on the ground, advocates strongly in the region and represents your region's interests on a national level.


Nominate for election

If you wish to nominate yourself for election to your local RJDC please contact the IRO for your region listed in the map below. Please be aware that nomination deadlines will be different for each region.


Find your local RJDC election

Nomination deadlines and voting schedules for each region in England are outlined on the map below.


Online elections and voting

All RJDC elections will be taking place at the events themselves, except East Midlands RJDC which has been chosen to pilot the new BMA online election process.

The election details for East Midlands are:

  • Monday 14 August 2017 - Nominations open (12.00pm)
  • Tuesday 22 August 2017 - Nominations close (12.00pm)
  • Thursday 24 August 2017 - Voting opens (12.00pm)
  • Tuesday 5 September 2017 - Voting closes (12.00pm)
  • Tuesday 5 September 2017 - results announced at Annual Business Meeting

Access all the information and tips you need on the new online election process.

Online elections


The value of your vote

See our infographic which shows you the journey of your vote and the impact it can have.

Regional junior doctor committee election infographic

Reasons to join your RJDC

  • Success stories

    RJDCs have lots of positive outcomes from the work they do in your local areas.

    Examples of successful RJDC work include:

    • Overturning a proposal to make trainees pay a £50 deposit to ensure attendance at mandatory training (Sarah Hallett, South Thames)
    • Agreeing locum rates on a pan-regional basis (Dan Bunce, Peninsula)
    • Ensuring banding uplifts have happened (Dan Bunce, Peninsula)
    • Advising Trusts about developing a pan-regional locum bank for doctors (Dan Bunce, Peninsula)
    • Securing accommodation for doctors fatigued by working out of hours (Will Sapwell, Yorks)
  • Hear from RJDC members

    Current RJDC members offer some of their reasons why they joined their local committee:

    • Best practice and solution sharing across the region
    • Working to improve things for your colleagues and in turn, your patients
    • Influencing national JDC policy
    • Leadership experience
    • Networking and working with like-minded individuals


    "This is your union, our union"

    The feeling of representing your members, and resolving an issue for your junior doctor workforce is incredible.

    The 'victory' that stands out most for me is when we were able to assess a wrongly banded rota for some local foundation doctor 2s. As a result we secured them a back pay of £4,600 each. You can’t beat that feeling of working for a union, securing justice and improving working conditions for your members.

    To anyone who is thinking of running for BMA regional junior doctors committee, my advice is: do it. Take the time to talk to your RJDC to get an idea of the big issues it is tackling and the time commitment involved. Also try to get experience first by sitting on your local negotiating committee; this will be invaluable when as RJDC chair you will be working with and supporting several LNCs at once.

    And if you feel that running for RJDC may not be for you, then definitely vote in the elections. This is your union, our union, and it can only fully represent and work for us all if we all get involved and make it the union we want. And that starts on the ground, in our local branches. 

    Gurshuran Johan, JDC executive member


    "RJDC is an inclusive and friendly committee"

    Just like every other junior doctor, I've had my share of work-related frustrations. I've worked LTFT (less than full time) since qualifying and used to feel I was the only junior doctor ever to have done this. From getting my hours rostered appropriately to being paid the correct amount, it felt like a battle every time I moved jobs.

    A friend suggested I come along to the regional BMA junior doctors committee meeting and bring up any issues there. Having never been part of any committee I really had no idea what to expect, and worried I wouldn’t feel confident to speak about the things that were bothering me or even understand the process of a committee meeting. I was amazed that all of the little (and big) things that had been bothering me could actually be resolved and that I could access all of this support and guidance that I never knew about. I've continued going to RJDC meetings regularly.

    Within my RJDC I've now been elected to the role of LTFT representative, which means I can take any LTFT difficulties to a national forum – where there is a wealth of experience and guidance to draw from. But one of the best things is that it's also a platform to push for equality for LTFT trainees within the production of important new documents such as the next Gold Guide.

    RJDC is an inclusive and friendly committee, literally there for you. If you have faced a workplace problem I can guarantee someone else has faced the same. By meeting and resolving these problems, junior doctors can feel surer of their contractual rights, help implement best practice in their own trusts and get involved in management and leadership roles. I finally feel like all my frustrations can be fixed and the solutions shared with other junior doctors facing similar issues.

    I'm not going to sit back and moan about things – I'm going to RJDC to change them and so can you. See you at the next meeting.

    Christina Baker, LTFT trainees' forum member

  • Resources and advice

    Election poster 

    You can print a copy of our election poster to display in your communal areas.

    Download RJDC election poster


    Email signature

    Add our promotional banner to your email signature to help spread the word. 

    Download RJDC election banner


    Advice on joining a committee

    Visit our committee area where you can find helpful advice about joining a committee for the first time.

    Thinking about joining a committee?