Junior Doctors Committee

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Representatives of the Junior Doctors Committee (JDC)

Jeeves (Rajiv) Wijesuriya (Sept 2016)

Jeeves Wijesuriya

JDC chair

Sarah Hallett jdc290915

Sarah Hallett

Deputy chair with responsibility for education and training

Peter Campbell 

Pete Campbell

Deputy chair with responsibility for professional issues

Will Sapwell, Junior doctors committee 

Will Sapwell

Deputy chair with responsibility for terms and conditions of service and negotiations

The committee is made up of:

  • the chairs of the Scottish JDC, Welsh JDC, Northern Ireland JDC and the 13 English RJDCs
  • members of BMA council who, at the time of the first JDC meeting of the session, are junior doctors
  • the four chief officers of the BMA
  • the junior doctors’ conference chair
  • the chair of the Junior members’ forum (where they are a junior doctor)
  • the immediate past chair of the JDC, should they not be elected via any other route
  • 39 elected from geographical regions
  • 8 elected representatives elected from the annual representative meeting (ARM)
  • 12 elected or appointed from other committees, or subcommittees