International Committee

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Membership of the International Committee

Chief officers (ex-officio)

  • Professor Dinesh Bhugra CBE, President
  • Dr Anthea Mowat, Chair of the Representative Body
  • Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Chair of Council
  • Dr Trevor Pickersgill, Treasurer

Elected by the 2018 representative body

  • Andrew John Mowat
  • Terry John
  • Chandra Mohan Kanneganti
  • Ellen McCourt

Appointed by BMA committees in 2018

  • Dr J S Bamrah, Board of Science
  • Dr John Firth, Consultants Committee
  • Dr Bharat Pankhania, Committee for Public Health Medicine and Community Health
  • Dr Mary McCarthy, General Practitioners Committee
  • Dr Bethan Roberts, Junior Doctors Committee
  • Dr Peter Dangerfield, Medical Academic Staff Committee
  • Professor Raanan Gillon, Medical Ethics Committee
  • Dr Ujjwala Mohite, Staff and Associate Specialists Committee
  • Asim Abbas, Medical Students Committee
  • Professor Andrew Rowland, Head of BMA delegation to UEMS

Head of delegations (co-opted)

  • UEMS - Professor Andrew Rowland
  • EJD - Dr Kitty Mohan
  • UEMO - Dr Mary McCarthy
  • CPME: Dr Terry John