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GPC Wales - our work

GPC Wales is a standing committee of the BMA and represents all general practitioners working in Wales. Its remit is to consider and act in matters affecting those engaged in general practice in Wales, including contractual matters.


Current priorities

Currently your committee is focused on:

  • Ensuring general practice is at forefront of public and Welsh Government opinion when designing and delivering services and policies for the Welsh population (with specific focus on rural services, unscheduled care, GP workforce challenges).
  • Working to deliver more resources to general practice and primary care in line with Welsh Government strategic policies and priorities (including working to increase funding of OOH services).
  • Supporting clusters to get their potential truly delivered and enabling horizontal integration to further support practices
  • Addressing the challenges specifically facing rural practices.
  • Addressing the recruitment and retention challenge and promoting general practice as a career option through: supporting extended training; ensuring retainer and returner schemes are in place; and specifically looking at drivers to both recruit and retain GPs in Wales.
  • Supporting sessional GPs.
  • Enhancing the stability of practices through action on premises and last person standing liabilities

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Who we are

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Our meetings

The WGPC meets four times a year to discuss the latest issues facing general practice in Wales.

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See the Wales LMC conference 2019


Latest updates from GPC Wales


Focus on the Welsh GP Contract for 2019/20

GPC Wales has prepared a 'Focus on' document, which explains some of the major changes agreed to the Welsh GP contract for 2019/20. Please note that this is an evolving document which we will update as appropriate.

Focus on Welsh GP contract 2019/20


GP contract Wales 2019/20 - agreement

The Welsh Government and GPC Wales have agreed the Welsh GP contract for 2019/20. The formal agreement letter and contract changes are available via the links below.

General Medical Services Contract 2019/20 - letter from the Welsh Government

General Medical Services contract agreement 2019/20


Focus on state-backed GP indemnity for Wales

GPC Wales has produced a Focus On document answering some of the frequently answered questions regarding the state-backed GP indemnity scheme for Wales (GMPI). Please note that this is an evolving document, please check back regularly for updates to the guidance as the new systems beds in. 

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Changes to GP contract Wales 2018/19 - webinar

The BMA's Welsh GP committee has confirmed details of the annual GP contract changes for 2018/19 in Wales, which will provide financial stability for practices, and reduce workload and bureaucracy whilst the wider review of the contract continues.

GPC Wales Chair Dr Charlotte Jones as she discusses the contract changes and explores the implications these changes may have on GP's working in Wales.

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GP contract Wales 2018/19 - agreement

The Welsh Government and GPC Wales have agreed the Welsh GP contract for 2018/19. The formal agreement letter from the Welsh Government is available below. Further detail on the contract changes will follow in due course.

General Medical Services Contract 2018/19 - letter from the Welsh Government (PDF)

See the contract agreement for 2017/18


Latest issues

GP Wales heat map

GPC Wales has produced a heat map of Wales which captures practices which have closed, have transferred to health board management or are deemed at risk.

Download the heat map (PDF)


Support for GPs in Wales

We recognise the enormous stresses placed on GPs across Wales. GPC Wales delivered a presentation at the National Appraisal Training day on avenues of support for GPs, their families and wider teams. There are a variety of resources available, which are outlines in this presentation.

Download the presentation (PPT)


Last man standing liabilities

In this letter, GPC Wales outline there is the ability for Health Boards to take on and provide solutions to the problems that are being experienced across Wales. These solutions have been confirmed by Welsh Government.

Read the letter (PDF)


Cluster monies

The aim of cluster monies is to transform primary care. GPC Wales shares recommendations in a letter to cluster leads of how to make the most of this spend to maximise the impact on general practice.

Read the letter (PDF)


Guidance on tax, data and ethics

GPC Wales have produced guidance on issues which GPs in Wales can find challenging:


Individual Health Record

GPC Wales recently wrote to members on the use of Individual Health Record.

Read the letter (PDF)


GP practice models

BMA Cymru Wales published a map of closed and at-risk practices and has called on the Welsh Government for a 'cost-effective' model to protect Welsh general practice. The association map shows 10 GP practices that have been taken over by a local health board, and two that have shut. A further eight practices are deemed 'at risk', with two of these in North Wales already having handed in their notice to quit next year.

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Latest campaigns from GPC Wales

Urgent prescription for general practice in Wales

UPGP Wales campaignTwitter coverGeneral practice is facing increasing and unprecedented pressures, with a significant gap between the demand placed upon it and its capacity. General Practice is forced to try and cope with inadequate resources, an unsustainable workload and a workforce under considerable strain across the whole of Wales.

Our urgent prescription for general practice in Wales shines a light on these issues and provides solutions to address these challenges.

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Prescription for a healthy future

General practice is going through one of the most challenging periods since the inception of the NHS. Economic austerity and ever increasing levels of ill health present a huge challenge.

This strategy document has been commissioned by GPC Wales to chart a way forward. It is divided into eight chapters. Each one sets out the key issues, discusses the options and makes recommendations for change.

Download the full strategy document (PDF)