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GPC vision - Principles for the future

Listening to what patients and GPs have told us, we have developed a set of key principles which we believe should guide how primary care is delivered over the next decade.

We recognise that there is no one solution and that there are a range of options that could best meet local care needs. But we believe that these principles can help ensure both that the fundamental characteristics of general practice which patients value are retained in any new ways of working, and make primary care an attractive career option for the future doctors we so desperately need.

Our key principles are:

  • Ensure patients have access to a local GP practice run by a healthcare team they know and trust.
  • Reduce GP workload to a safe level in order to deliver quality care.
  • Resources should match where care is delivered.
  • Retain and value the skills of the GP as a specialist generalist, enabling them to provide a holistic approach to care for all their patients.
  • Build health and social care teams around each practice.
  • Support practices to work in collaboration with one another and other local health and social care providers for the benefit of the whole population in that area.
  • Empower patients as partners in their care, giving them greater confidence to undertake more self-care.


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