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Premises fund survey results

The GPC has released results from its recent survey into the first year of the Primary Care Infrastructure Fund (PCIF) - recently renamed the Primary Care Transformation Fund (PCTF) by NHS England. The survey, which had around 500 respondents, showed that a quarter of respondents who were approved funding “in principal” are being refused support from NHS England and CCGs for the recurring costs of maintaining new facilities.

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Key survey findings

Below are the key findings from the survey. For more detail and a question-by-question breakdown of responses, please download the full results of the survey.

“The government announced the extra investment in GP facilities with a lot of fanfare, but on the ground many GPs are beginning to doubt these supposed improvements will ever be delivered.” 

Brian Balmer, BMA GP committee lead on premises

  • Three quarters of bids submitted by respondents (including those both accepted and rejected) were for under £500,000, with 39% under £100,000. 14% were for over £1,000,000.
  • A third (37%) of bids were to build an extension to their premises. A further third (31%) were to improve the existing building. 18% were to build new buildings.
  • Of those whose bids had received full approval, 75% have experienced delays in their project. Of these, 51% say there have been delays of over 6 months and a further 37% report delays of 3-6 months.
  • On the causes of the delays the most popular answer is ‘Lack of expertise within the local NHS England team’ (26%). A lack of communication and guidance from Area Teams is also frequently mentioned in the comments.
  • For those only approved ‘in principal’ ‘refusal to meet recurrent costs by NHS England / the CCG’ is also cited as a major obstacle by a quarter (24%) of respondents, alongside ‘lack of leadership or clear process’ (28%) and ‘lack of expertise within the local NHS England team’ (33%).
  • Of the supported bids, 88% believe that the project will need to extend beyond March 2016 for completion.


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