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The Future of General Practice Survey - Career Motivations and Workforce Crisis

Below are the key findings from an extraction of the survey. For more detail, and a question-by-question breakdown of responses, please download the full results of this extraction

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Current state of the GP workforce

When GPs are asked which factors have a negative impact on their commitment to being a GP, the top three answers are:

Excessive workload (71%);
unresourced work being moved into general practice (54%);
Not enough time with their patients (43%).

Additionally, results show that:

One third of GPs (34%) are considering retiring from general practice in the next five years.

It’s deeply worrying that a fifth of GP trainees, the GPs of the future, are hoping to move abroad before 2020. 

Chaand Nagpaul

Around one in five (19%) GP trainees - the youngest cohort in the profession - are considering working abroad before 2020.

Over two thirds of GPs (68%) state that while manageable, they experience a significant amount of work related stress. However, one in six (16%) feel their stress is significant and unmanageable.

Despite the pressures on general practice, just under half (47%) would recommend a career as a GP, but a third(35%) would not advocate working in general practice.

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Where you are

Scotland: View an infographic about the variation in responses about the GP workforce and careers.

Northern Ireland: seven in ten (70%) GPs in Northern Ireland rank inappropriate and unresourced transfer of work into general practice in their top 4, compared to 52 per cent of GPs in England.

Wales: Nearly half of GPs in Wales (48%) say they would recommend a career in general practice to an undergraduate or doctor in training.

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