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GPC surveys and results

GPC, as the body representing all GPs, is working to create a better environment to allow GPs to deliver high quality general practice to patients.

By gathering your views and feedback at certain points in the year, GPC uses the results during negotiations and in discussions with the government, civil service and other organisations to influence and persuade.


Results from previous surveys

GP premises survey 2018

The GP premises survey found that only half of practices considered their premises to be fit for present needs, falling to just over two in 10 practices when they were asked if their premises were fit for the future.

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Subject access requests to GP practices survey 2018 

Since the introduction of GDPR legislation, the number of subject access requests (SARs) GP practices are receiving each month has increased by more than 30 per cent. This is according to results from a survey of GPs by the BMA. 

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Winter indemnity scheme survey 2017-18

The scheme has been central to enabling GPs to work additional hours. The results of the survey show that GPs were concerned about the end to this scheme on 2 April 2018, because of its impact on out of hours sessions.

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GP practice list closure survey 2017

Addressing the growing crisis in general practice, this survey suggested that many GPs are considering a temporary or permanent closure of their practice list.

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GP workload and future aspirations survey 2016

At a time when general practice is under facing unprecedented pressures, we asked GPs about how they would like to see general practice develop and best support their workload and future aspirations.

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CQC survey 2016

The GPC released results from its recent survey into CQC inspections in England, which had over 1,900 responses.

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The future of general practice survey 2015

Read the key findings on premises, new models of care, GP contract and QoF, as well as the impact of technology on future consultation practices.

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Appraisal and revalidation survey 2015

A GPC survey has revealed a lack of support in some areas for sessional GPs undergoing appraisal and revalidation. The survey found 4 in 10 respondents did not feel they received adequate support during the appraisal process.

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GP premises survey 2015

4,720 GP surgeries (47.9% of all in the UK) responded to a survey about the state of the premises in which they work. The results show that lack of investment in premises is holding GP services back.

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GP practice collaboration survey 2014

The BMA survey on practice collaboration revealed that GP practices do not have the time, support or information to explore new ways of collaborative working that could help practices deliver more effective, efficient care to their patients.

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CCGs one year on 2013

GPC conducted a survey of 1,500 GPs to mark the one year anniversary of the introduction of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), revealing a lack of engagement between CCGs and GPs.

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