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What the subcommittee is working on

GP trainee applications update

The BMA is aware that there have been delays in processing applications for GP trainees in England for the performers list beyond the three month window for applications to be processed. We understand that this has serious implications for both trainees and practices and we have sought legal advice on this issue.

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On your behalf we are focused on the following issues which are impacting on GP trainees' careers:

  • Doctors in training contract negotiations
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    Read the latest update from the chair in the summer 2015 newsletter
  • Training costs - including value for money on exam costs and subscription fees
  • GP training recruitment
  • The Shape of Training Review and enhanced GP education and training
  • Maternity pay
  • Occupational health vaccinations
  • e-Portfolio concerns and issues
  • Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training
  • Increasing and improving regional representation for GP trainees


Information for committee members

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Update your contact details

We can only send out GP trainee-specific information to trainees who have given us up-to-date contact details and have let us know that they are currently a GP trainee. Many GP trainees have not done this recently.

There are a number of ways to update your contact details:

When letting us know about your GP trainee status,

  • Click “Change primary appointment and specialty” to update your Grade and Specialty. If you are a GP Trainee please select General Medical Practice as your specialty and a Junior doctor Grade as your primary appointment.  Click “Submit this change” to save.
  • Click “Add new workplace” and follow the instructions to add your place of work.  Hint: search on the postcode of your work site.  You can use ‘%’ if you do not know the full postcode, for example, NW3% will return all sites within this area.
(Please note: You can register your contact details with us and vote in this election regardless of whether or not you are a BMA member.)


Downloads and useful links

Essential guide to the GP Trainees Subcommittee

GP Trainees Subcommittee summer newsletter (August 2015)

Study leave and sick leave guidance

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