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GP contract negotiations Scotland 2017/18

Negotiations between the Scottish GP Committee and the Scottish Government have now successfully concluded.

Throughout the negotiation our priority has been to secure reduced business risk and reduced workload for GPs. If implemented, it is intended that contract changes would take place over two phases. A first phase starting in April 2018 would see initial changes made, with a second phase of changes taking place after a second poll of the profession in 2021.


The proposed contract

Overview of the contract

Giving GPs time to be GPs

Pay and expenses

The future

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Have your say

We want every GP in Scotland to have the opportunity to make their views known on the proposed new contract.

A poll of the profession is now open and will run until 4 January to ask GPs whether they think the proposed contract should be implemented.

The Poll is being administered by Electoral Reform Services and is open to all GPs and GP trainees working in Scotland.

Details of how to participate in the poll will be posted to you, but if you do not receive them or you believe that your details have changed, please call us on 0300 123 1233 or email [email protected] including your address, email and GMC number.

The deadline for registering to take part is 21 December 2017.


Your questions answered

We will be holding a live Q&A webchat on the proposed contract and what it will mean for you on Wednesday 20 December from 6:30PM.
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We have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions about what the contract will mean for you and how you can have your say in the negotiations on the new contract.

See our contract FAQ's

Chair of GPC Scotland, Dr Alan McDevitt provides an update on the latest developments.

Watch the presentation

If your question is not covered, let us know for future updates by emailing [email protected] 


SLMC Special conference

LMC representatives from every part of Scotland met on the 1st of December to discuss the proposed contract and vote on the extent to which it met the aims of improving the sustainability of funding, reducing risk, increasing the attractiveness of general practice and addressing unsustainable workload.

The results of votes at SLMC conference were:

The contract framework addresses the issue of sustainability of funding
Strongly Disagree – 2%
Disagree – 5%
Neither Agree nor Disagree – 10%
Agree – 45%
Strongly agree – 39%

The contract framework addresses the issue of risk for GPs and GP practices
Strongly disagree – 2%
Disagree – 9%
Neither agree nor disagree – 9%
Agree – 54%
Strongly agree – 25%

The contract framework addresses the issue of the attractiveness of general practice
Strongly disagree – 1%
Disagree – 10%
Neither agree nor disagree – 10%
Agree – 56%
Strongly agree – 23%

The contract framework addresses the issue of unsustainable workload
Strongly disagree – 2%
Disagree – 2%
Neither agree nor disagree – 10%
Agree – 43%
Strongly agree – 42%

Watch the conference recording


Scottish GP contract: progress update

On 3 May 2017, the attached joint letter and post SLMC conference update from SGPC and the Scottish Government was published. These documents build on the letter and memorandum published on 3 November and include the announcements made by the Cabinet Secretary at the SLMC conference in March.

Post Scottish LMC conference communication (PDF)

Joint Scottish Government and BMA communication (PDF)


Get involved

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