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Membership of the Scottish GP committee (SGPC)

The committee has 49 members, the majority of these (32) are appointed by the local medical committees (LMCs) in Scotland. Other GPs are elected onto the committee via GPC UK, UK LMC conference, and ARM. 

The committee also has representation from other BMA committees (such as the sessional GPs committee, the GP trainees committee, Scottish council, and the Scottish consultants committee), and external committees such as RCGP Scotland, Medical Practitioners Union and the Scottish Dental Practice Committee of the British Dental Association.

The committee can choose to co-opt members each session if they want to add particular expertise to the committee – for the 2019/20 session the committee co-opted Dr John Kyle for his experience as a doctor in his first five years post training, and Dr Chris Williams for his experience and knowledge in IT and role in the Scottish Joint GP IT Group.



The chair of SGPC is elected for a three-year term and can serve a maximum of two terms. The other office bearers are elected annually. 

The office bearers for the 2019/20 session are:

SGPC chair – Dr Andrew Buist
Joint SGPC deputy chair – Dr Andrew Cowie and Dr Patricia Moultrie


SGPC executive subcommittee

The SGPC executive subcommittee is composed of the SGPC office bearers (Dr Andrew Buist, Dr Andrew Cowie and Dr Patricia Moultrie), the chair of SLMC conference (Teresa Cannavina), and five elected members from SGPC.

For the 2019/20 session the elected members are: Dr Chris Black, Dr John Ip, Dr Iain Kennedy, Dr Denise Mcfarlane, and Dr Iain Morrison.

The subcommittee deals with any matters referred to SGPC requiring urgent consideration or action. This means the subcommittee often deals with matters which arise between meetings of SGPC.


Committee Membership

The majority of members of SGPC are appointed by local medical committees (LMCs). There is an LMC in every health board area in Scotland. Seats on SGPC are distributed to the LMCs based on the number of patients in their LMC area. Every LMC has at least one representative, with the larger boards having a higher number based on their population size. LMCs with only one representative also have a deputy representative.

The current LMC representatives with seats on SGPC are:

Ayrshire & Arran LMC
Dr Hugh Brown
Dr Rachel Fraser

Borders LMC
Dr Kirsty Robinson
Deputy - Dr Kevin Buchan 

Dumfries & Galloway LMC
Dr Charles Dunnett
Deputy – Dr Mark Phillips

Fife LMC
Dr Philip Duthie
Dr Susie Mitchell
Forth Valley LMC
Dr Teresa Cannavina
Dr David Herron

Glasgow LMC
Dr Ronnie Burns
Dr Mark Fawcett
Dr Michael Haughney
Dr Alan McDevitt
Dr Patricia Moultrie
Dr Alastair Taylor

Grampian LMC
Dr Emma Houghton
Dr Samantha McCann
Dr Michael Steven

Highland LMC
Dr Jonathan Ball
Dr Lorien Cameron-Ross

Lanarkshire LMC
Dr Lynn Duff
Dr Keith McIntyre
Dr Tyra Smyth 

Lothian LMC
Dr Drummond Begg
Dr Iain Morrison
Dr Catriona Morton
Dr Jenny English
Dr Amy Small

Orkney LMC
Dr Marjolein Van Schayk
Deputy – Dr Antony Wilkinson

Shetland LMC
Dr Susan Bowie
Deputy: Dr Esther Mitchell

Tayside LMC
Dr Richard Humble
Dr Andrew Thomson

Western Isles LMC
Dr Brian Michie

Visit a committee meeting

Non-members are able to attend SGPC meetings as part of the BMA’s committee visitor scheme.

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