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Negotiations between the Scottish GP Committee and the Scottish Government continue at a considerable pace – often with teams meeting weekly. However, the negotiations are very complex and are dependent on a number of critical issues that will influence the process. The most important of these are funding for primary care and workforce planning around additional health professionals.

Changes to the contract are likely to begin to be introduced in a phased manner during 2017 and 2018. We will only present a contract to the profession when we are satisfied that it addresses our aims around reduced risk and reduced workload. GPs will be asked to vote when there are agreed proposals that would fundamentally change practice funding. And only when we can make sufficient information available to practices to make an informed decision.

We will continue to work with the government to implement practical changes (like the removal of QOF, increased maternity/paternity pay, and occupational health arrangements) for 1 April 2017 and whenever possible.

At this year's Scottish LMC conference the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport announced a number of developments that have arisen from these negotiations with the Scottish Government. You can read a summary in the March newsletter below.

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Scottish GP contract negotiations 2017/18

Negotiations between the Scottish GP Committee and the Scottish Government continue at a considerable pace and we are hopeful that there will be an announcement towards the end of 2017.

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Scottish GP contract agreement 2016/17

In August 2015, we announced a period of contractual stability until 1 April 2017 but with the proviso that changes judged to be beneficial would be open to negotiation. Following an intense period of negotiation the Scottish GP Committee and Scottish Government reached agreement on changes for introduction from 1 April 2016.

This agreement, which includes the end of QOF, the creation of GP clusters and the beginnings of new arrangements for quality, demonstrate the direction of travel for the Scottish GP contract.

Read the GP contract agreement 2016/17


Did you miss this year's Scottish LMC Conference?

Read about the resolutions coming from the event on 10 March 2017 and view the minutes of the meeting.

Minutes from the Scottish LMC 2017

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Progress towards a sustainable general practice in Scotland announced

On 3 November 2016, GP leaders welcomed an arrangement that will provide continued stability for general practice in Scotland.

The SGPC and the Scottish Government have agreed a joint letter to the profession and a memorandum outlining the principles of the approach to general practice and primary care in Scotland.

Scottish Government and Scottish GPC joint letter

Memorandum - General Practice: Contract and Context


Redesigning primary care for Scotland's communities

The Government's 2020 Vision for patients to be cared for more at home or in a homely setting is a 'considerable challenge' given the changing demographics in Scotland. We are calling on politicians to support a revised role for GPs from 2017 to ensure that primary care is sustainable for the future.

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GMS practices in Scotland can apply formally to close the practice list if their workload is jeopardising their ability to provide safe care for their registered patients.

Practice list closure guidance


Committee meetings

The SGPC meets six times a year to discuss the latest issues facing general practice in Scotland.

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