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The Scottish GP Committee (SGPC) represents all GPs working in Scotland, including partners, salaried GPs and locums. Its role is to consider and act in matters affecting GPs in Scotland - including contractual matters. It works closely with other BMA committees representing GPs at a UK level, including the UK GP subcommittee. The committee meets five times a year and has representatives from all 14 health board areas in Scotland, elected through the local medical committees (LMCs).

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2018 GMS Contract

On 1 April 2018 the new Scottish GMS contract was launched following three years of negotiations with Scottish Government, and a poll of the professions.  The aims of the contract are to relieve the unsustainable workload facing general practice and reduce the business risks of becoming a GP.  SGPC is now involved in the implementation of the contract and in negotiating its’ next phase. 

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Background to the GP contract

As the contract offer was being developed, two Memoranda were jointly published by SGPC and Scottish Government to signal the direction of the new contract.  

November 2016 letter and memorandum
May 2017 letter
May 2017 memorandum

On 1 December 2017 a Special SLMC Conference was held, allowing LMC representatives from every part of Scotland to discuss the proposed contract and vote on the extent to which it met the aims of improving the sustainability of funding, reducing risk, increasing the attractiveness of general practice and addressing unsustainable workload.

The results of votes at SLMC conference were:

The contract framework addresses the issue of sustainability of funding
Strongly Disagree – 2%
Disagree – 5%
Neither Agree nor Disagree – 10%
Agree – 45%
Strongly agree – 39%

The contract framework addresses the issue of risk for GPs and GP practices
Strongly disagree – 2%
Disagree – 9%
Neither agree nor disagree – 9%
Agree – 54%
Strongly agree – 25%

The contract framework addresses the issue of the attractiveness of general practice
Strongly disagree – 1%
Disagree – 10%
Neither agree nor disagree – 10%
Agree – 56%
Strongly agree – 23%

The contract framework addresses the issue of unsustainable workload
Strongly disagree – 2% 
Disagree – 2%
Neither agree nor disagree – 10% 
Agree – 43% 
Strongly agree – 42%

A poll of the profession was held from 7 December 2017 to 4 January 2018 allowing all GPs working in Scotland to have their say on whether the contract should be implemented – 71.5% of those who took part in the poll voted in favour of the new implementation of the contract. SGPC met on 18 January 2018 to discuss the results and the committee voted that the contract should be implemented. The Regulations were laid in parliament on 19 February and the contract then came into force on 1 April 2018.


Scottish LMC Conference 2018

The local medical committee conference will be held on 29 and 30 November 2018 at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Clydebank.

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Redesigning primary care for Scotland's communities

The Government's 2020 Vision for patients to be cared for more at home or in a homely setting is a 'considerable challenge' given the changing demographics in Scotland.  The new GP contract in Scotland is based on re-focusing the role of the GP and expanding the practice team to allow the way care is delivered in communities to be changed in this way.

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The Scottish Government has published a workforce plan for primary care: National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan Part 3 - improving workforce planning for primary care in Scotland. This document states the intention to recruit an additional 800 GPs as well as building and extending roles for a range of professionals working in primary care.

Read the SGPC response to the workforce plan


GMS practices in Scotland can apply formally to close the practice list if their workload is jeopardising their ability to provide safe care for their registered patients.

Practice list closure guidance

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