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Northern Ireland General Practitioners Committee (NIGPC)

The NIGPC is a standing committee of the BMA and represents all general practitioners working in Northern Ireland. Its remit is to consider and act in matters affecting those engaged in general practice in Northern Ireland, including contractual matters.


Our current priorities

Implementation of GP led care review plan – the committee has worked alongside the department to develop a plan for primary care services. We are also lobbying the Department for a GP rescue plan with more GPs, an expanded MDT and a funding stream equivalent to the GPFV.

Quality first strategy – BMA has devised a range of materials to help practices manage their workloads.

Undated resignations - following a prolonged period of uncertainty and an increasing crisis for general practice NIGPC took the difficult decision to ask GPs to submit undated resignations. NIGPC believe this is the only way to ensure a primary care service that effectively meets the needs of patients in Northern Ireland.

We want to hear from you – Join us for one of our meetings around the country or tell us what you think NIGPC's priorities should be by emailing our chair.


Who we are


The NIGPC chair is Dr Tom Black.

Tom Black

The Northern Ireland general practitioners committee (NIGPC) is always keen to hear the views of general practitioners on the work that it is doing and what its priorities should be for the future. You can email the chair of NIGPC, Tom Black at [email protected].

Deputy chair

The NIGPC deputy chair is Dr Alan Stout.

The committee includes 25 voting members elected via the Local Medical Committees (LMC).

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When we meet

We meet four times a year to discuss the latest issues affecting general practitioners in Northern Ireland.

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Any questions?

Call us on 02890 269666 or email [email protected]


Get involved

Membership of the Northern Ireland General Practitioners committee (NIGPC) is a great opportunity to represent your colleagues and highlight the issues that mater to you.

Directly elected members

The committee is made up of 25 directly elected voting members. They are elected via the LMCs. Any future opportunities to stand for direct election to the Northern Ireland General Practitioners committee will be detailed here along with details of how to stand.

Visitor scheme
The BMA also has a visitor scheme which allows those who have not previously been involved in BMA work a chance to gain experience of the committee.

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