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The UK LMCs conference begins

The annual local medical committees conference starts on 18 May 2017. More than 600 representatives from LMCs, which represent grassroots GPs across the UK, will gather in Edinburgh during its two days, to discuss the key issues facing general practice, at a time of unprecedented pressures and financial challenges.

This will be an opportunity for the democratic voice of the profession to send a clear message to the incoming Government to be elected next month about measures that need to take place to turn around the parlous state of general practice.

As you will have seen from the agenda, we will be debating and discussing pressing matters for GPs across the UK, from core funding, indemnity, regulation and issues relating to sessional GPs. There will also be themed debates in parallel sessions that include managing workload, working collaboratively at scale, and the future of the Quality and Outcomes Framework.
During the debates and voting on motions, voices are often raised, and emotions can run high, but there is usually a great sense of camaraderie in our common purpose to secure the future of general practice. This is the essence of the conference – an opportunity to air concerns, speak forcefully about the things that affect GPs and patients, argue if necessary and ultimately to steer the policy of the BMA GPs committee for the coming year. 

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