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PCN services

Running a PCN (primary care network) can be challenging. The BMA has you covered via our range of services.


How we can help

As sole negotiators of the general practice contract, the BMA is in a unique position to understand the challenges clinical directors face in their role and can support you as your PCN grows. We provide a range of expert PCN services and knowledge to support you with running a successful PCN in England.

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PCN community

The latest PCN news, information and guidance at your fingertips. With the PCN community app, connect and engage with fellow clinical directors and leverage the experience of the BMA and PCN community to guide you to PCN success.

Start conversations, ask questions and share your experience all in one place. Be first to know about the latest information and updates from the PCN experts who negotiated the contracts.


PCN conference

Come together with your clinical director peers on 8 February 2020 for our PCN conference. Network with fellow clinical directors and learn about the upcoming contract negotiations and how they may affect you and your PCN. With breakout sessions and workshops, tailor the conference to suit your needs and immerse yourself in topics that are important to you and the running of your PCN.

In early June 2019, we held the first PCN clinical directors conference. The day was attended by over 250 newly appointed clinical directors who received talks from GPC and NHSE negotiators, and workshops from experts covering a variety of topics.

Watch the recording of the event

Read the conference workshop summaries


Legal services

BMA Law's team of specialist solicitors are on hand to help you navigate the legal process of running a successful PCN. Their solicitors understand that every PCN set-up is unique and all face different legal challenges.

To ensure you receive the support you need, they offer a variety of flexible, cost effective service options that are tailored to you; from network agreements to practice premise contracts.


Insurance services

The formation of your PCN brings new challenges to ensure you're properly protected. With Lloyd & Whyte you’ll have the cover you need, tailored to your PCN. No two PCNS are the same and the issues they face will vary, which is why Lloyd & Whyte make sure your cover is bespoke to your circumstances.

The PCN insurance package can cover:

  • directors and officers insurance (particularly covering clinical directors)
  • employment practice liability (eg claims of unfair dismissal)
  • professional indemnity
  • employer's liability and public liability insurance – to cover any gaps for those working on behalf of the PCN, across practices.


Learning and development

The BMA learning and development team has created a bespoke offer of blended learning. It will take place over the next five months on three main topics, crucial to the change PCNs are experiencing. The programme will equip clinical directors with strategic planning, leadership and management, and workforce planning skills to help shape the direction of your PCN.


PCN masterclasses

Our three PCN masterclasses consist of a half-day of interactive, face-to-face learning. They will be held in three locations across England – Leeds, Bristol and London – from January 2020 through to March 2020. Masterclasses equip you with practical skills in each topic area that you can take away and apply immediately.


Strategic planning
You will attend one half-day masterclass, plus a series of four related live webinars.

In this interactive masterclass, we will outline what strategic planning is, contextualising it for PCNs. Working as smaller groups, you will:

  • start to consider what we want to achieve and how we might achieve it
  • consider what resources are available to support delivery of the plan
  • ask, how do we know that we are successful
  • examine managing change in a complex environment

The objective of the session is to provide thinking space to consider how you develop a strategic plan, engaging your PCN in the process, learning from others who are at different stages to you. You should leave the session with a view as to what you will do when back at base.


Workforce planning
You will attend one half-day masterclass, plus a series of four related live webinars and complete one e-learning module on quality improvement.

This masterclass will help you consider what workforce planning means in a PCN context. You should leave the session with an appreciation of the steps you need to take to develop a workforce plan. It will cover:

  • what is workforce planning (including, pre-requisites to workforce planning and the difference between HR and workforce planning)?

Breaking into smaller groups you will work with others to consider the following with a view to developing your action plan:

  • workforce planning cycle and how you go about it
  • who are the workforce and what skills are available to us (including, gap analysis)?
  • how do we establish a team culture?


Leadership and management
You will attend one half-day masterclass, plus a series of four related live webinars and complete one e-learning module on leadership and management for clinical directors.

This masterclass will look at practical tips and tools that you can apply immediately to better plan, organise and prioritise your time. You will also explore behavioural changes that will help you feel more confident in leading, influencing and engaging others.

  • How will your leadership style and skills evolve to help you manage your PCN?
  • What is your natural influencing style and how does this impact others around you?
  • What can you do to continue to instil motivation and engagement during the next phase of your PCN?
  • What does collaborative working mean to you in the context of your PCN?


PCN webinars

Each masterclass segment will consist of webinars that relate to the topic, to help you build and expand on your knowledge. The webinars will be up to an hour in length and include a live Q&A to conclude each session. The aim of each webinar is to spark conversation and critical thinking around the proposed subject matter with a view to promoting learning.

We will also hold three 'hot topic' webinars. The content of these will be directly informed by you and your peers through numerous channels, such as the PCN community, our masterclasses and the webinar Q&A sessions.


E-learning modules

The programme will also include access to two e-learning modules on the topics of quality improvement and leadership and management. The e-learning modules take roughly one hour to complete and can be done at your own convenience.


CPD (continuing professional development)

Subscribing and attending the whole programme attracts 15 hours of CPD activities.


Career coaching

A virtual career coaching service will be available at competitive rates. Our medical career coaches will be able to provide support and explore your career needs over the phone or by Skype. This service includes a 20 minute initial consultation and as many additional follow up sessions as you and your coach feel would be of benefit.

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HR and employment law advice (members only)

As part of BMA membership, clinical directors who are BMA members can access HR and employment law advice for their PCN by contacting the EAS (employer advisory service).

For clinical directors who are GP partners, the EAS can also provide advice for your home GP practice, partnership agreement checks, and unbiased support should disputes arise.

For clinical directors who are employed doctors, support is available through our team of advisers, eg contract checking.  

Contact us on 0300 123 1233 or email [email protected].

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