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GP contract agreement England 2018/19


GPC England concluded negotiations with NHS Employers for amendments to the 2018/19 GMS (and PMS) contract.

The agreement reached provided some stability to GMS/PMS contractors, while we aimed to secure further uplifts through the DDRB process.


Pay award impact on GP contract agreement

The government announced its GP and staff pay decision on 24 July 2018. This letter provides you with the updated elements of the contract agreement based on the pay announcement.

Download the letter (PDF)


GMS contract changes for 2018/19

GPC England has voted to accept this year's agreement for contractual and non-contractual changes.

For the full details and figures, ensure you read the letter and further information below. Here is a list of the main contractual changes you need to be aware of.

Contract changes - in summary

  • Interim uplift of 1% for pay and in line with inflation for expenses, which would be increased further following any uplift secured through the DDRB process
  • Increase in indemnity costs covered
  • Uplift in line with inflation for those vaccinations and immunisations in the SFE
  • Uplift to reimbursements of locum cover for sickness and maternity/paternity/adoption leave
  • Fixed-term contracted salaried GPs for sickness/parental leave will be reimbursed (in line with locum cover)
  • Minor amendments to clinical aspects of vaccinations and immunisations
  • Significant resources and support for implementation of the electronic referral service
  • QOF point value to be uplifted to reflect population increase
  • New regulations to support practices in the removal of violent patients
  • New premises cost directions

Contract changes - in detail

Read the (REVISED) full letter from GPC England (PDF)

Read the FAQs

Read the (REVISED) indemnity briefing (PDF)

Read the 2018/19 QOF guidance

Download the template indemnity letter for salaried GPs

Read the news story

Read the press release


What happens next?

We are now working on guidance with NHS Employers which will provide more detail about some of these areas. PC will soon be releasing specific guidance for practices and LMCs in many of the areas of agreement.

While this year's agreement sees an initial £256m invested into the contract, which could be added to following the DDRB process, there is still much to do.

We have commenced several significant workstreams dealing with many large issues raised in Saving General Practice, which combined should provide much needed provision for practices to better manage their daily working lives.

For example, we are already working on the introduction of a state-backed indemnity scheme to cover general practice from April 2019, we are engaged in a wholesale review of QOF, we have commenced a review into how to reinvigorate the partnership model of delivering general practice and we will be undertaking a fundamental review of practice premises. 

We are also working with NHS England and others on further workforce initiatives.


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