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GP practice list closure ballot

The General Practice Forward View, published in April 2016, sets out NHS England’s strategy to support general practice over the next five years. While it includes proposals aimed at helping practices to become more resilient and sustainable, grassroot GPs and LMCs are clear that delivery has been inconsistent across the country, with many practices not seeing any tangible improvements.

Earlier this year, the Conference of LMCs passed the following motion:

That conference believes that the GP Forward View is failing to deliver the resources necessary to sustain general practice and demands that GPC ballot GPs as to whether they would be prepared to collectively close their lists in response to this crisis.

As a result, GPC England has balloted practices as to whether GPs in England are prepared to collectively close their practice lists. The ballot closed on 10 August and the results are currently being analysed.

If you have questions about the ballot please check our FAQs or contact [email protected].


England GP contract agreement

The GMS contract changes in England for 2017/18 have now been agreed.

Find out more


GMS contract for 2016/17

Equitable funding for GP practices

NHS England is phasing out MPIG for GMS practices and carrying out funding reviews for PMS practices.

Read the guidance for GMS practices
Read the guidance for PMS practices
Read the news story


Failure of primary care support services

Following a multitude of complaints from practices and LMCs, the GPC Chair has written to NHS England to highlight the significant concerns of the GPs with the systemic failure of the services provided by primary care support England under contract to Capita.

Read our letter to NHS England


General practice and integration: Becoming architects of new care models

This discussion paper from GPC for Local Medical Committees, aims to stimulate discussion and support LMCs' role in advising GPs on the various models of primary and integrated care emerging across England.

Read the discussion paper


Global sum allocation formula (Carr-Hill formula)

This paper reminds practices how global sum payments are calculated and explains why the formula is currently being reviewed by NHS England.

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GP Access Fund - second wave pilots

Formerly the Prime Minister's Challenge Fund.

In October 2013, the Prime Minister announced the Challenge Fund to improve access to general practice. 20 pilots were announced in March 2013 and all began mobilising in April 2014. In October 2014 it was announced that a further £100 million was being allocated for a second wave of pilot schemes. As part of the £350 million investment in GP services announced on 27th March 2015, an additional 37 pilot schemes across England will be able to improve access to care for over 10.5m patients.

Read the news story


GP workforce pressures

In January 2015, the GPC agreed a 10 point workforce plan with NHS England, Health Education England and the RCGP as a first step in resolving GP workforce issues.

Read the 10 point plan and find out about progress made


IT requirements

A number of IT requirements for practices have been introduced following the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 contract negotiations. Find out what your practice needs to do.

Read the guidance


Managing workloads under unprecedented pressure

BMA's recent Tracker survey states that 74% of GPs describe their workload as unmanageable or unsustainable. In this climate, it is crucial that the safe provision of core services to patients remain GPs overriding core priority. This guidance is intended to help practices ensure this.

Read the guidance


New care models - vanguard sites

The Five Year Forward View proposed creating a number of major new care models in England. The first wave of vanguard sites have now been chosen.

Read the guidance


Primary Care Transformation Fund for GP Premises

Formerly the Primary Care Infrastructure Fun.

A share of £1bn for premises improvement is on the table for GP practices in England, following BMA lobbying. Learn more about the outcome of the 2015-2016 round of funding by reading our guidance.

Read the news story
Read the guidance


Proactive support for vulnerable GP practices

Proposed next steps for supporting GP practices that require immediate solutions to reduction in resources, rising workload, recruitment problems and understaffing.

Read our proposal


Responsive, safe and sustainable: our urgent prescription

GPC has published its vision for the future of general practice.

Read the full report


Specialist Prescribing

GPC has written to the GMC to highlight concerns raised by practices about specialist prescribing for patients, such as those with gender dysphoria. The letter outlines the need to ensure patients have access to the specialist treatment they need.

Read our letter to the GMC



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