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GP workforce '10 point' plan

Aims of the 10 point plan

The 10 point plan aims to target the following problem areas within general practice. Click on the relevant links to access helpful guidance and practical support and advice.


  1. Promoting general practice
  2. Improving the breadth of training
  3. Training hubs
  4. Targeted support


  1. Investment in retainer schemes
  2. Improving the training capacity in general practice
  3. Incentives to remain in practice
  4. New ways of working


  1. Easy return to practice
  2. Targeted investment in returners


What the GP committee thinks

Former BMA GP chair Chaand Nagpaul said:

"At a time when GPs are under extreme pressures due to rising workload exceeding capacity, this funding has the potential to be an important first step towards increasing GP numbers. It is positive the recruitment, retention and returners programme has the endorsement of both NHS England and Health Education England, together with kick-start funding, as a signal of central support for general practice as a career.

"It is vital that these measures, including commitments to increase recruitment and improve retention are implemented rapidly, not least as these were key parts of the 2015/16 contract negotiations agreed between NHS England and the BMA GP's committee.

"It is also encouraging that after prolonged lobbying by the BMA, NHS England have formally agreed to work with the BMA GPs committee to expand the infrastructure of general practice to include premises".

Find out how these proposed actions aim to build and support the primary care workforce.

Building the Workforce 10 Point Plan (PDF)


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