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GPC England's stance on primary care online consultation systems

GPC England supports novel and innovative technologies that can reduce workload, improve patient care and reduce risk.

However, a clear evidence base for online consultations has not been sought, nor a clear understanding of whether workload is being shifted to other healthcare providers, such as Out of Hours services and Accident and Emergency departments.

At the time of consultation there was no regulatory framework or governance structure for suppliers to be compliant with, which has been a grave concern of ours.

As of December 2017, a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has been set up with input from members of the JGPIT committee to develop a supplier framework.

Although this is a welcome initiative, it is limited to the online consultation fund. As such, suppliers are still at liberty to licence their system outside of this framework, without the need to be compliant with the regulations and governance requirements stipulated in the DPS.

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What about you?

What has been your experience of choosing and using online consultation systems? Or are you still in the early stages and yet to take the plunge?

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