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NHS England standard hospital contract guidance 2017-19

The 2017/18 NHS standard contract for secondary care trusts came into force on 1 April 2017. The NHS standard contract for secondary care trusts has placed new requirements on hospitals to reduce inappropriate bureaucratic workload shift onto GP practices.

Many of those changes to the standard contract have been brought about as a result of ongoing negotiations between GPC and NHS England to get them to understand how important it is that the bureaucratic burden that all GPs are under is reduced.

For the latest round of negotiations we have agreed five key changes. Below we provide template letters in the event that hospitals are not implementing the changes. Also provided, is a template letter to your CCG to highlight which changes have not been implemented, representing a breach of the standard contract, for the CCG to take action.

We’ve also provided two letters for LMCs – one to the Trust, and one to the CCG – to highlight the changes, in the event that they are not being implemented.