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Collaborative working and new care models

The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) of October 2014 set out several new care models designed to 'dissolve traditional boundaries' between general practice, community services, hospitals and social care.

Vanguard sites have now been selected to test these new models of integration, though movement towards more integrated care is already well underway in many parts of England. This was demonstrated by the large number of applications for vanguard site status from providers and commissioners already engaged in integration work, including some organisationally ambitious projects.

This discussion paper has been prepared by the BMA's General Practitioners Committee (GPC) for Local Medical Committees. This document is not a policy paper, but a set of ideas and organisational models to stimulate discussion and debate. It also aims to support LMCs' role in advising GPs on the various models of primary and integrated care emerging across England.


What the BMA is doing

The BMA is also undertaking an extensive programme of work in relation to the Five Year Forward View. 

This includes a number of briefings for members on the new integrated care models, the evidence behind them and the payment systems that will enable them, such as capitated budgets. 

The briefings will be available on the BMA website in due course.


Discussion paper for LMCs

General practice and integration: Becoming architects of new care models in England (PDF, 541k)

Letter to LMCs from chair of GPC (PDF, 320k)


What do you think?

We want to encourage an open discussion on the set of ideas and models included in the paper.

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