General Practitioners Committee

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Overview of the General Practitioners Committee (GPC)

The GPC is the only body which represents all GPs in the UK. It deals with all matters affecting NHS GPs, whether or not they are BMA members.


Our priorities

Find out what the current priorities of the GPC are and the key issues which GPC are influencing and championing on behalf of GPs.

GPC current issues


Who we are

National chairs

  • GPC England chair is Dr Richard Vautrey
  • GPC Wales chair is Dr Charlotte Jones
  • GPC Scotland chair is Dr Alan McDevit
  • GPC Northern Ireland chair is Dr Tom Black


Membership of the GPC

Members are elected on a constituency basis from among general practitioners or LMC officers by all who contribute to the LMC voluntary levy, or by the annual conference of representatives of local medical committees. We also have representatives from the Medical Women’s Federation, the Medical Practitioners Union, the GP trainees subcommittee, British International Doctors Association.


Our meetings

The UK general practitioners committee (GPC) meets twice a year to discuss the latest issues facing general practice.

Find out details of UK meetings