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Council committee elections 2019

Nominations have now closed and voting has taken place. Successful candidates can be found under the relevant headings, or you can download the full list.

Election results


Elections to committees of council

Nominations were invited from members for the following:

  • Interim measures panel – one council member for one year
  • Strategic reference group – three council members for one year
  • Working together better task and finish group – three council members for one year
  • Working party on the GMC - five members for one year


Interim measures panel

One council member to be elected by council for one year.

Council is required under Article 14 (8) to establish annually an interim measures panel.

Successful candidate

John Chisholm

Duties and powers

The interim measures panel (IMP) has the power to temporarily suspend a member from all of the BMA offices which that member holds, with immediate effect, pending the outcome of an investigation under Article 14 (2) and/or a subsequent hearing (as set out in Articles 14 (3) and (4)). The role of the IMP is restricted to considering whether, from a risk management perspective, a member should be temporarily suspended as a protective measure.


Chair – lay member
Treasurer or chair of the representative body
One council member


Working party on the GMC

Five members to be elected by council for one year.

Successful candidates

Jeeves Wijesuriya
Wendy Savage
Anil Jain
Clare Gerada

Terms of reference

To consider matters relating to the General Medical Council, including matters referred to it by BMA council, or other committees.


Five members appointed by council and one representative from each of the seven major branch of practice committees with the power to co-opt other members for special purposes with the treasurer’s permission. All members of the working party have voting rights.


Strategic reference group

Successful candidates

Anil Jain
Jeeves Wijesuriya
Krishan Aggarwal 

Terms of reference

An advisory and reference group which discusses upcoming and emerging policy issues in advance of council.


Three members appointed by council, the chief officers, deputy chair of council, branch of practice committee chairs and national council chairs.


Working together better task and finish group

Successful candidates

Mary McCarthy
Anil Jain

Terms of reference

The working together better T&F group will be required to carry out specific tasks in support of the work of council and to provide regular updates and reports to council.


Three council members, chair of council, chair of representative body and deputy chair of council.


Information for MoU (memorandum of understanding) letters and declarations for internal elections

The elections MoU will apply to all committee members and posts in the BMA. Candidates for election to posts will be asked to declare that they have read the MoU when submitting their nominations.

The BMA can only function with the contributions of those members who seek election as representatives. Thank you for making the commitment to help represent your colleagues. In order that elected BMA representatives can work together effectively the following principles are important.

  • When you are speaking to or communicating in the broadcast, print or social media as an elected BMA representative, or are identified as such, you must honestly represent the views of the BMA.
  • When speaking in a personal capacity you must explicitly ask not to be identified as an elected BMA representative.
  • Committee officers must coordinate media engagements with the press office.
  • You must declare conflicts of interest to your committee chair/committee secretary as appropriate.
  • You must uphold the confidentiality of your committee when requested. If in doubt, ask the chair of the committee.
  • As a member of the medical profession and as an elected representative, you must behave in a professional manner at all times. Robust debate is sometimes essential in forming policy, but you must always treat patients, colleagues and staff with respect.
  • In standing for election you agree to uphold these principles.

(Agreed by council, March 2017)