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Membership of the UK Consultants Committee (CC)

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The UK CC is comprised of representatives from the Regional Consultants Committees in England, the national committees of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, members elected by the Representative Body, and representatives from other committees and organisations.



The UK CC chair is Rob Harwood.


Deputy chairs

Vishal Sharma and Phil de Warren-Penny
Deputy co-chairs for the UK CC for negotiations

Helen Fidler
Deputy chair of the UK CC for development, communications and professionalism

Gary Wannan
Deputy chair of the UK CC for healthcare policy


Voting members

  • 10 members elected by the Representative Body at the Annual Representative Meeting, with at least one member elected to represent each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • 3 members appointed by each of the 13 Regional Consultants Committees in England
  • 2 appointed by the Northern Ireland Consultants Committee
  • 2 appointed by the Welsh Consultants Committee
  • 6 appointed by the Scottish Consultants Committee
  • 1 by the Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services of the British Dental Association.


Non-voting members

  • 5 Ex-Officio posts – Chair of Council, Treasurer, Chair of the Representative Body, Chair of the UK Consultants Conference and the BMA President
  • 3 visitors from the UK Consultants Conference
  • 7 representatives from other BMA committees
  • 3 representatives nominated by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
  • 5 observers from external organisations
  • Up to 3 visitors through the BMA Visitors Scheme
  • Up to three co-opted members.


National representation


Regional representation

There are 13 regional consultants committees (RCCs) in England that involve and engage consultant members on a local basis. RCCs meet four times a year throughout the country.

Find information about your local RCC

Find regional meeting information