Board Of Science

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We maintain an influential role in forming opinion on issues of interest to the health of the public. This includes major work areas such as alcohol and tobacco control, diet and physical exercise, transport and road safety, and illicit drug use.

Our members regularly identify key public health issues of interest to the profession. These can originate through the BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting (ARM), via the branch of practice committees or through direct contact with Board members.

The board also works extensively with the Public Health and Healthcare team.

About our latest work


Why is it important that the BMA does this work?

Doctors may feel unable to affect the underlying causes of the problems they see on a day-to-day basis. As the leading professional organisation for doctors in the UK, the BMA represents the collective voice of the profession in improving and protecting public health.

By working together through medical associations and special interest groups, doctors can be powerful and effective lobbyists in informing and influencing public health policy.

The cost of the Board of Science for all its work is approximately 1.14 per cent of member’s subscription monies, equivalent to around £4.50 a year for a member paying full subscription rates.