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Priorities of the Armed Forces Committee (AFC)

The AFC has set the priorities and objectives for the 2018-19 workplan. Read the summary below or download the full workplan.

The AFC has been lobbying for an up to date IT system that’s fit for purpose and benefits both colleagues and patients, since 2016. Some actions that are being taken by the AFC include:

  • Working with the headquarters surgeon general’s department on resolutions to the ongoing IT failures experienced by armed forces doctors.
  • Assisting in the improvements to the military IT systems reporting facility
  • Reporting IT failures through their organisation’s designated reporting channels.


Supporting CMPs (civilian medical practitioners)

There are several objectives to support CMPs and these are focussing on:

  • CMPs undertaking senior medical responsibilities
  • Out of hours terms and conditions for overseas CMPs
  • Pay and contracts
  • Nurse practitioner pay
  • Trade union recognition


Supporting reservists

Our main objective is to look at equitable, three weeks paid leave for reservists to be implemented in England, Wales and Scotland, as it is for reservists in Northern Ireland.

Also, to reform the way the daily rate of pay is calculated for reserves, to help increase recruitment and retention.



It’s important armed forces doctors are supported and receive their appropriate pension entitlement.

To achieve this the AFC will collaborate with a working group on member pension issues, clarify issues around annual and lifetime allowances and seek external guidance on pension issues for forces members.


Supporting junior doctors in the armed forces

The two main priorities in supporting junior doctors is to encourage exception reporting and support FY2 doctors completing A&E placements and ensure they are receive the correct training and support.


Further work on terms and conditions

Priorities are flexible working and pay review.


Raising visibility and outreach of the AFC

We are seeking to make the constitution of the AFC more representative of its constituent members.


Download full workplan


Upcoming events and news

Armed forces conference on 1 May 2019 at BMA, which is free to attend for BMA members.

Review of the AFC constitution - we need your input to make it more representative. Email [email protected] to let us know your thoughts.