Pay award ‘goes some way’ to recognising huge efforts of doctors in Wales during Covid

by BMA Cymru Wales media team

Press release from BMA Cymru Wales.

Location: Wales
Published: Tuesday 21 July 2020

BMA Cymru Wales says today’s pay award for doctors in Wales goes some way to recognising the huge efforts of doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Consultants, specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors, junior doctors and salaried GPs are to receive a pay uplift of 2.8%, Welsh Government has announced today.

In response to the announcement BMA Cymru Wales Council Chair, Dr David Bailey said:

“The DDRBs recommendations could have gone further to address many years of below inflation rises, however, doctors in Wales will be pleased that the Welsh Government has decided to implement the recommendation made by the independent panel.

“The NHS is facing unprecedented levels of demand and staff shortages, and the last few months have been particularly gruelling for doctors as they have battled the Covid-19 pandemic. This announcement shows that the Welsh Government understands the value of doctors who are working tirelessly to improve and maintain the health of the people of Wales and will go some way to assuring them that their efforts are gratefully received.

“We will continue with our ongoing discussions with Welsh Government regarding the SAS, junior doctor and GP contracts to ensure all doctors are appropriately remunerated for their work.”

Dr Phil Banfield, Chair of the BMA’s Welsh Consultants Committee said:

“I find it totally incomprehensible, that this year of all years, the DDRB would withhold uplifts on commitment and CEA awards, effectively reducing the award for consultants in Wales.

“However, we have already spoken with Welsh Government and have agreed to work together to address the reward of consultants in Wales.”


Notes to editors

The BMA is a trade union and professional association representing and negotiating on behalf of all doctors in the UK. A leading voice advocating for outstanding health care and a healthy population. An association providing members with excellent individual services and support throughout their lives.

Each year the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration Body (DDRB) is supposed to consider salaries for doctors and dentists working in the NHS and recommend, to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Health, and their equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, fair pay levels for doctors. In making those recommendations, the DDRB also takes evidence from the BMA.

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