Patients in Ukraine must be able to receive medical care, free from attack, as ‘utterly reprehensible’ hospital hostage situation continues,

by BMA media team

Press release from BMA. 

Last reviewed: 16 March 2022
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Responding to reports from Mariupol, Ukraine, where Russian troops are reported to have captured a hospital and are taking staff and patients hostage, Dr David Wrigley, BMA council deputy chair, said:

 “The situation unfolding in Mariupol is horrific, and if patients and staff are indeed being held hostage in such a way this is utterly reprehensible. It is the latest account accusing Russian forces of deliberately targeting healthcare facilities, staff and patients – which, if verified, would represent a contravention of international humanitarian law.

 “We cannot begin to understand the terror, fear and anguish that the people of Mariupol are experiencing as their city comes under attack, especially those patients and staff who are reportedly trapped in the hospital.

 “The BMA continues to condemn this invasion and the suffering being inflicted upon the people of Ukraine, and we demand once again that Russia’s military respects medical neutrality and international humanitarian law.

 “Medical facilities and staff must be free to continue to provide care to patients, free from fear of attack.”

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