BMA responds to ‘false’ suggestion that it had sight of Cygnus documents withheld by Government

by BMA Media Team

BMA Press Release

Location: UK England
Last reviewed: 1 August 2021

Responding to media coverage this weekend about exercise Cygnus, the cross-government exercise to test the UK's response to a serious influenza pandemic, Dr John Chisholm, BMA Medical Ethics Committee Chair, said:

“The Association did not see, review or comment on Cygnus documents at any stage of the process and any suggestion otherwise is false. We have been fully supportive of all efforts to pressure the Government to do the right thing and publish these materials so that there can be a clear understanding of decision-making processes. We are pleased that these have now been released.

“We at the BMA are of the view that it was fundamentally wrong for the Government to withhold these documents and that clear advice should have been provided to clinicians from the very outset of the pandemic.”

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