BMA hopes GP booster plan can free up time for staff to prioritise patients most in need

Press release from the BMA

Last reviewed: 3 December 2021
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Responding to plans from NHS England around scaling up of the Covid-19 booster campaign, Dr Farah Jameel, BMA GP committee chair, said:

“At this critical time in the fight against Covid-19, GPs and their teams want to do all they can to protect and look after their communities, focusing on those most in need.

“This means finely balancing the clear national priority to deliver booster vaccinations to as many people as possible with ensuring that people who need care and treatment from their GP practice and the wider NHS continue to receive it.

“With a finite number of staff and hours in the day, and while GPs and their teams will want to step up and do all they can in the midst of this national emergency, there must be a recognition that they cannot do everything for everyone all of the time.

“Today’s changes begin to recognise this, and we hope that, by removing some of the more bureaucratic and target-based requirements within practices’ contracts, that staff’s time can be freed up to get more jabs into arms, while allowing practices to focus on patients who need their attention the most.

“Patients need to know that if they are unwell or have concerning symptoms and need to receive care from their practice they will continue to be prioritised and GP teams will continue doing their very best to keep their sickest patients safe in every way they can and know how.”


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