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Respect at work

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In an increasingly stretched NHS, relationships at work can easily become strained.

With the high number of vacancies across the medical workforce, doctors are often faced with very difficult situations that can lead to damaged relationships and even bullying or harassment.

Members often report to us problems with teams becoming dysfunctional and a loss of respect between colleagues. This can be incredibly difficult to resolve as time pressures don't always allow resolutions to be worked through.

Whatever the root cause, these problems are never excusable.


How we can help 

We are launching a new service for BMA members across Scotland to help you to respond to these difficulties. You can access a local adviser to confidentially discuss any issues around bullying, harassment, discrimination or dignity at work.

Our trained advisers are experts at dealing with and advising on all these areas and other relationship difficulties at work. As they are local, they know your area well and can quickly get you the help you need.

So, if you think you need someone to talk to, please get in touch and get the best possible advice about how to take the first step to getting back the respect you deserve at work.


How to contact us

The service is entirely confidential and advisers will not act until they have discussed all your options with you and agreed a path that suits your own situation.

Contact us when you are ready [email protected]

If you choose to email us, please provide as much information as possible.


About BMA Scotland

If you want to know more about the local services available to BMA members in Scotland, see our Membership Services in Scotland page or contact us at [email protected]