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What do former trainees say about reasonable adjustments?

David Wilkinson

"Don't be put off doing medicine by your disability. There's always a way around things!"

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Cate Wight

"Be determined to make it in your choice of specialty - there will be obstacles but with lateral thinking and help most can be overcome!"

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Dai Samuel

"The most important message is not to fear declaring a disability as most employers now have a good understanding about the need for flexibility."

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Kim Blackwell

"Ask for reasonable adjustments where necessary - don't just put up with things which don't work."

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Adele Holland

"Never hide anything you are struggling with from your tutors - allowances and adjustments can usually be made to work around the issues you face."

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Joanne Rugen

"Don't be afraid to ask for help and be specific. Most people would love to help but have no idea how - you have to tell them!"

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Charlotte Cossey

"Disability can often be poorly understood. Always keep colleagues well informed about your situation."

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