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EAPH 2017 - Being a doctor and staying a person

EAPH Conference Paris

The 2017 EAPH conference takes place on 24-25 April, in Paris at the FIAP.

The theme of the 2017 event is Being a Doctor and Staying a Person: Beyond the Hidden Curriculum, Building and Maintaining One's Professional Identity.


Registration open

You can now register to attend the 2017 conference. For the online registration form, hotel deals for attendees and further details about the event visit the conference website.

Conference website


EAPH (European Association for Physician Health)

EAPH ConferenceParisEAPH (European Association for Physician Health) is a network of professionals from around Europe with an interest in the health and well-being of doctors.

The EAPH aims to encourage a universally higher standard of support for doctors in difficulty across Europe by providing a forum for:

  • Sharing expertise and good practice on the treatment of doctors by doctors
  • Influencing and encouraging the development of health services for doctors
  • Undertaking joint research on the health and wellbeing of doctors

Their conferences take place approximately every two years and the BMA takes a leading role in organising these events, as well as continued running of the network.

EAPH conferences bring together the leading experts in physician health to present research, conduct workshops and discuss current issues around the topic.

Learn more about EAPH and become a member