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International money transfers

Save money with moneycorp, the foreign exchange specialists

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property abroad, sending money to friends and family, or have decided to emigrate for a new job opportunity, moneycorp can make your money go further.

An alternative to using your bank for overseas transactions, moneycorp allows you to save money by offering preferential exchange rates for BMA members.

What's in it for BMA members?

  • Preferential exchange rates for BMA members
  • Free expert guidance at the end of the phone
  • Integrated online account to manage your money wherever you are
  • Safeguarded customer funds in segregated, client accounts

Contact moneycorp

For International Payments queries, email [email protected] or call on 0808 278 0021 (outside of the UK +44 207 589 3000) or order your Travel Money now

How can this benefit me?

  • International money transfers

    The currency market is fast-paced and constantly fluctuating. It's important to time your transfer so you get the best possible rate, but this can be time consuming and difficult to track.

    BMA members who make their international payments through moneycorp are assigned a personal account manager to guide you through the transfer process, help you with the timing of your payments and ensure you get the most competitive exchange rate.

  • Regular overseas payments

    moneycorp can help BMA members simplify the often daunting task of making regular international transfers and save you money in the process.

    Their regular payment plan means your pounds sterling can be collected by Direct Debit, converted into foreign currency and automatically sent abroad as frequently as you wish - whether it's weekly, monthly or at more irregular intervals.

  • Travel money

    BMA members can access some of the most competitive rates available in the market, typically beating many of the leading high street and other online providers on over 55 currencies.

    moneycorp offer a number of different options to make preparing for travel easier for you:

    • get your travel money delivered directly to your door with their delivery service
    • secure your travel money with a multi-currency pre-paid card