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Independent financial advice

Make well-informed decisions about your future

Whether you're seeking guidance on your savings and investments, your pension or you're starting to think about retirement, our financial experts Chase de Vere Medical can help.

They are one of the UK's leading firms of independent financial specialists and have a dedicated team of advisers who, with their in depth knowledge of the NHS will offer you sound advice specific to your individual circumstances.

What's in it for BMA members?

  • free initial financial consultations
  • free personal finance seminars
  • discounted life and critical illness insurance
  • free home buyers' protection worth £1,050
  • useful guides and financial news


Specialist independent financial advice for BMA members from Chase de Vere Medical
The BMA offers free support and guidance on a wide variety of financial issues affecting doctors including pensions and tax, provided by our expert staff, in addition to our lobbying activity on related government policies. This support includes guidance and tools on our website and information provided by our specialist teams.  
As the BMA is not regulated to provide financial advice, we have a partnership with Chase de Vere Medical, who specialise in independent financial advice to the medical profession.  
Although we do encourage our members to seek independent financial advice to ensure they are fully informed before making any decisions on their finances, BMA members are under no obligation to use the services of Chase de Vere Medical. Members need to be sure that the services provided by Chase de Vere Medical, or any other financial adviser, meet their specific needs. 
As part of our agreement, BMA members receive a free introductory consultation with Chase de Vere Medical before taking up their services, for which there is a charge. Chase de Vere Medical also arrange a number of free events for members across the UK. 
The BMA receives a percentage of any paid for financial advice that members receive from Chase de Vere Medical. This does not impact on the charges set by Chase de Vere Medical, and all income received from the BMA is reinvested into our member services. 


Contact Chase de Vere Medical

To find out more about what Chase de Vere Medical (FCA No. 137914)can do for you, or to book your free initial financial consultation visit, email [email protected] or call 0345 609 2008 to speak to a Chase de Vere Medical adviser.


What can Chase de Vere Medical do for me?

  • Retirement planning

    Chase de Vere's advisers will guide you through the process, making sure you’re fully aware of the choices available to you.

    They will help you to:

    • understand how to utilise your financial resources to achieve your goals
    • keep your retirement income plan on track throughout your retirement
    • plan for other eventualities
  • Savings and investments advice

    Chase de Vere can help you to fully understand the many tax-saving allowances and financial planning methods available to you and make sure you're getting the best possible returns.

    They will assist you with:

    • developing an investment plan based on robust investment principles
    • putting your investment plan into action
    • staying on track by monitoring and reviewing your plan
  • Life and income protection

    Chase de Vere has a detailed understanding of your occupational entitlements and a wider knowledge of the protection market.

    They can help build a robust plan and advise you on:

    • the types and levels of protection needed for your financial position
    • keeping your protection plans on track and adapting it as your circumstances change
    • the wider market, making sure you get the best quality, competitive cover
  • NHS pension advice

    With their expert knowledge of the NHS, Chase de Vere can give you individual advice and personal recommendations to help you get the most out of your pension plan.

    They will advise you on:

    • establishing your current position and forecast potential future benefits
    • navigating the tax implications of exceeding pension contribution limits
    • considering other types of investments to save and prepare for retirement
  • Seminars

    Chase de Vere in conjunction with the BMA runs the following seminars throughout the country:


    Mid career financial planning for doctors in their 40's

    It may still be some years away but it's likely you've already got an eye on your retirement. It's time to take stock. Are you on course to retire when and how you want to? Will recent pension tax changes disrupt your plans?


    Late career financial planning for doctors over 50

    Retirement is almost upon you and there are some big decisions to make - many of which will be permanent. So it's vital that you take the time to think through your choices: when to retire, your pension options, your tax position and how to maximise your retirement income.


    Find your nearest seminar


    *Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.