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How will maternity leave affect my training?

Fixed term or training contracts

If you have a fixed term or training contract which expires after the eleventh week before the Expected Week of Confinement (EWC), and you satisfy the conditions of the NHS Scheme (for more information go to the section on Eligibility), you will have your contract extended to allow you to receive the 52 weeks which includes paid contractual and statutory maternity pay and the remaining 13 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

Absence on maternity leave (paid and unpaid) up to 52 weeks before a further NHS appointment  does not constitute a break in service. However, it would not count as service towards a further period of maternity leave.

If there is no right to return to be exercised because the contract would have ended if pregnancy and childbirth had not occurred, the repayment provisions will not apply.

Employees on fixed term contracts who do not have 12 months’ continuous service within the NHS may still be entitled to the statutory provisions.


Rotational training contracts

If you are  on a planned rotation of appointments with one or more NHS employers as part of an agreed programme of training, you have the right to return to work in the same post or in the next planned post irrespective of whether the contract would otherwise have ended, if pregnancy and childbirth had not occurred. Your contract will be extended to enable you to complete the agreed programme of training.

Check with your Royal College whether your maternity leave absence will have any effect on the duration of your training.