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Maternity leave checklist

Things to do at work

Checked when maternity leave can start

☑ Ensured I am working for the NHS during the period when maternity pay is calculated

☑ Worked out what my maternity pay will be using the BMA calculator

☑ Checked the terms of any childcare vouchers I am using in case they impact on my maternity pay

☑ Told my employer that I need maternity leave and when it will start (within the proper time limits)

☑ Asked my employer for a written copy of their maternity policy

☑ Sent in Form Mat B1 (before the end of the 15th week of my due date)

☑ Set up my antenatal care

☑ Seen my Occupational Health advisor at work

☑ Made sure my employer has given me details of my maternity entitlement before I start maternity leave (very important if I am changing employer)

☑ Before commencing maternity leave agreed arrangements for keeping in touch days


Outside work

☑ Applied to the GMC for a fee reduction

☑ Contacted my defence body about my subs as special beneficial arrangements may apply

☑ Partner applied for paternity leave

☑ Told the BMA I am on maternity leave

☑ Contacted BMA membership if my salary is less than £34,061 as I may get my BMA subs reduced

☑ Checked when maternity leave can start


After baby arrives

☑ Decided what job I want to go back to

☑ Set up childcare

☑ Liaised with my employer to set up a risk assessment before I return to work