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Hoping to study or work in the UK?

Guidance for international doctors and students

The process of securing a job or medical school placement in the UK can take longer than you might expect. Timescales will depend on your level of English and how much time you take to prepare. 

Our guidance can help you. We provide you with a high-level overview of the sequence of the steps you will need to take to study or work as a doctor in the UK, such as applying for training, getting GMC registration, a visa and a job offer. There is invaluable information for:

  • international medical students who wish to study at a UK medical school
  • international medical graduates (non-EEA) who intend to come and work in the UK
  • EEA (European Economic Area) doctors coming to work in the UK.

Download our useful guides or read on to find out how the BMA can support you.

International medical students

International medical graduates (non-EEA)

EEA doctors


How does the BMA support doctors new to the UK? 

We provide a wide range of resources to help you work and study effectively in the UK.

As a doctor working in the UK, membership of the BMA helps ensure you are paid correctly and fairly, your professional learning needs are addressed and your interests as a doctor are represented nationally and locally. The BMA provides you with specialist employment advice on contracts and pay, leave entitlements and union protection if, for example, you have a problem at work.

In addition BMA membership gives you:

  • support with adjusting to UK working – eg UK medical ethics, professionalism, communication skills and team working appropriate to the UK setting
  • support with legal and ethical aspects that are specific to working in the UK – eg guidance on UK consent and confidentiality
  • a range of wellbeing support services, such as confidential counselling therapy and a service enabling you to speak to other doctors in confidence
  • Brexit advice – BMA advice on the implications of Brexit developments for overseas nationals employed in the UK
  • in addition to running the free immigration advisory service for our members, our partner law firm can provide tailored help and support at discounted rates.

Discounted membership

  • For overseas doctors new to the UK the BMA has introduced a special 50% discount membership offer - £19.16 per month until 30 September 2021. This is a discount for doctors new to UK practice. The standard membership fee is £38.41 per month.
  • Membership is free for first year medical students.

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