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Guide for doctors new to the UK




Be informed

Make sure you research the different immigration categories. The UK's immigration system undergoes frequent changes which can reduce the availability of opportunities to come to the UK. Under the current immigration system, non-EEA doctors are likely to find it extremely difficult to find employment as a doctor-in-training if they are not a UK medical school graduate.


Check out the competition

While there are shortages in some specialties in the UK, this is not the same for training posts. Competition for training posts is intense and is continuing to increase. The NHS is heading towards a system of self-sufficiency meaning that it will be less reliant on overseas medical staff.


Assess your chances

Do as much research as possible into the current employment situation and realistically assess your chances of securing a job.


Plan, plan, plan

Plan well in advance and gather as much information as you can before you come to the UK.


Make contact

Write to the responsible organisations, asking specific questions and make sure that you have everything in writing. Do not rely on telephone advice alone keep copies of all correspondence and documents you have submitted, just in case you have problems later.


Do you comply?

Check the immigration rules to make sure you comply with them and to ensure there have not been any changes since you last checked.