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How we represent you

The BMA Pensions Department is committed to providing an excellent service to members. We will provide guidance and information and take reasonable steps in representing your interests with regard to your pension benefits.

We outline here what you can expect from us and remind you of your responsibilities in allowing us to represent you.

Please read this information carefully before we begin to represent you.

Our contact details can be found at the end of this document.


What we do

The BMA Pensions Department pursues policy issues agreed as BMA objectives and negotiates on all aspects of the NHS pension scheme on behalf of members. We also provide assistance and representation to members in relation to their occupational pensions.

We provide information on a wide range of pension matters to individual members of the NHS pension scheme and to members of the civil service, armed forces, universities and other occupational pension schemes.

We produce a series of frequently asked questions on the NHS pension scheme covering subjects such as voluntary early retirement, redundancy, ill-health retirement, death benefits and injury benefits.

Examples of why members contact us:

  • To ensure benefits have been calculated correctly.
  • To help restore missing or incorrectly recorded service.
  • To assist with ill health retirement appeals.
  • To pursue disputes with NHS Pensions on their behalf, up to the Pensions Ombudsman.
  • To liaise with PCSE regarding practitioner records.
  • To provide information on pension scheme rules.
  • To pursue claims under the historic Injury Benefit regulations.
  • To provide information on pension tax rules.
  • To explain the effects of breaks of employment on pensions.
  • To discuss redundancy options.
  • To clarify the interaction between the different NHS Pension Schemes.
  • To attend our Pre-retirement seminars.


We cannot give financial advice

We are not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to give financial advice.

If you are a member requiring financial advice, you can contact BMA Finance and Insurance or call 0345 609 2008 to arrange a free initial consultation with an independent financial adviser. This advice is provided through our associate Chase de Vere and does not form part of your core membership benefits.


Your eligibility for services

In accordance with the terms stated in Your BMA - a full guide to membership benefits:

You must notify us as soon as is possible of any potential problem because if you do not it could adversely affect the outcome of any case and the support we can provide you.

In most ongoing cases, an appropriate adviser in the pensions department will be appointed to provide direct ongoing pensions assistance to you. Requests for support will be fairly considered in appropriate cases and in line with the following conditions:

  • You must be, and continue to be, a fully paid-up BMA member
  • You must not instruct or have instructed, directly or indirectly, any other representative(s) or organisation(s) to act for you
  • You must not have issued any court or tribunal proceedings without any prior agreement


Case handling

To ensure that your case is handled appropriately, we have established certain rights for you and us.

Your rights:

  • Jointly agreeing with your adviser the objectives in pursuing your case, based on the full and accurate details that you have provided
  • Timely handling of your case
  • To be kept regularly advised of the progress of your case
  • To have any complaint about your case dealt with as quickly as possible

Our rights:

  • To determine who your adviser will be
  • To determine with you how your case will be progressed
  • To enter into discussions and correspondence with other parties (with your prior approval) we consider appropriate to explore the possibility of resolving your case
  • To withdraw support if you reject an offer of settlement which we believe is reasonable
  • To withdraw support if you reject the guidance given to you
  • To withdraw support if you do not fully cooperate with your adviser


Comments and complaints

We aim to provide you with an excellent service and therefore we take complaints very seriously.

If you are unhappy with the service that you have received, or if you wish to comment on any aspect of the department's work then you should contact Jackey Brodie in the first instance.

Jackey is the Pensions Manager and is responsible for all of the department's casework. If you remain dissatisfied then the matter will be escalated to Andy Blake, Head of Specialist Member Relations.

BMA Pensions Department
British Medical Association
BMA House
Tavistock Square

Telephone: 0300 123 1233
Fax: 020 7383 6484
Email: [email protected]

Pensions Manager
Jackey Brodie
Telephone: 020 7383 6397
Email: [email protected]

Head of Specialist Member Relations
Andy Blake
Telephone: 020 7383 6419
Email: [email protected]