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Goldstone pensions modeller

The BMA has developed the 'BMA Goldstone pensions modeller' with Dr Tony Goldstone. It calculates, to a good degree of accuracy, annual allowance charges going forward for:

  • consultants across the UK on the 1995, 2008 and 2015 pension schemes
  • SAS doctors on the 2008 scheme.

It provides robust data, but there will be some limitations in the calculation of the scheme pays loan for those in Scotland, due to a discrepancy in the way interest charges are calculated.

Recent updates to the modeller include:

  • a feature to select different state pension age (66, 67 or 68) with automatic selection by date of birth
  • a feature to automatically adjust 'carry forward' when using flexibility instead of manually entered carry forward
  • decile flexibility, giving you the choice each year to choose between 'hokey' (in whole months/12) or 'decile' ie 10:10 (10% contributions with 10% accrual) through to 90:90 

To use the modeller you must input your password and BMA activation code that can be accessed by visiting your MyBMA account. You can find your access codes in the sign-in details box of your account page. If you experience any difficulties please contact [email protected].

BMA members log-in to use the modeller.

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To access the BMA Goldstone Pensions Modeller, you will need to input your BMA activation code sent to you by email. If you have not received an activation code, please contact [email protected]. Instructions on using the modeller will be available when you have logged in. 

Read consultants committee chair Rob Harwood's blog: 'Why you cannot afford not to use the modeller'.

Scottish consultants, read Scottish consultants committee chair Simon Barker's blog on using the modeller.

Dr Goldstone will be supporting further development of the modeller to cover other branches of practice across the UK including general practitioners, staff and associate specialists, armed forces doctors and medical academics. These regular updates to the modeller will be exclusively for BMA members.

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