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End of contracting out

The NHS Pension Scheme (1995 and 2008 sections and 2015 scheme) has been contracted out of the various secondary tier top up State Pensions provided by the Government. Members have not been opted out of the Basic State Pension. Having been opted out of the second State Pension means that the NHS Pension Scheme has to provide benefits at least equivalent to those which would have been provided by the Second State Pension and, additionally, employees and employers pay lower National Insurance contributions.

With the introduction of the single State Pension from 6 April 2016 there will no longer be the facility to contract out. This means that the reduced National Insurance contribution rate will no longer apply and employees will see an increase of 1.4 % to their National Insurance contributions. 

GP Partners will see an increased cost of 3.4% to the Employer National Insurance Contributions which will apply to all Practice staff and Salaried GPs .   

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