Junior doctor Pay

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Junior doctor payslip explained (2002)

Avoid the nasty surprise of getting underpaid by making sure your tax and pay details are correct from the beginning of your new job.

The easiest way to make sure your pay will be correct from the very first month, is to send a photocopy of your most recent payslip from your old job to your new payroll department.


Key details to look for

To ensure that you are paid correctly, make sure you check all the key details below with your payroll department when you commence your new job:


Your salary scale

Make sure you have been put on the correct salary scale.

If you are unsure what salary scale you should be on, check the following pay circulars for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Your incremental point

Make sure your employer places you on the correct incremental point within your salary scale.

Each year you move from one pay point to the next within the same salary grade (reflecting the automatic increase in salary accrued with each additional year you work for the NHS).


Your tax code

Your tax code is issued by HMRC to your employer, so that the correct amount of income tax that is deducted each month from your salary.


Your pay banding

If you are working less than full time, it is especially important for you to clarify that your pay banding has been calculated correctly