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Example objectives for consultants

This document provides consultants with a resource for devising and agreeing objectives, with examples of personalised service and personal development objectives.

Objective examples for consultants


How to use these examples

The examples in this document show objectives in a range of specialties and subspecialties that are designed to help consultants to develop objectives of their own. There are a range of drivers – clinical governance and quality, teaching and research, service developments, personal goals and team objectives should all be taken into account when job plans are agreed. Consultants will have their own ideas about how services can be improved so it is important to balance these with input from management and colleagues.

To adapt these examples for practical use you may need to expand on the detail, but consultants should be able to approach an objective without detailed supervision using professional flexibility. This will vary according to the capacities of the clinical manager and consultant. All your objectives and progress in achieving them should be discussed in your job plan review meeting. However, the review process for objectives should not be restricted to that meeting. Clinical directors will need to consider inputs from other sources.

We recommend you do not use these examples in isolation. The key document you will need is A guide to consultant job planning, which was prepared jointly by the BMA and NHS Employers, and reflects a shared understanding of the key principles which should characterise a collaborative approach to the job planning process.


How many specific objectives should you have in your job plan?

Examples of good practice vary from six to eight. An important principle is to balance personalised service objectives with personal development objectives. We suggest that you balance these two categories and choose three or four of each (not all will be completed within one year). In this way you will be devoting your time to improving yourself as a consultant and the service that you offer to your patients. The examples of objectives in this guide will help you to identify and agree the objectives in your job plan. Building on the examples of good practice and suggestions for actual objectives, you will be able to enter job plan meetings with confidence. If you have any feedback on this guide please contact us.