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Use our job plan checklist


The job plan outlines a doctor's commitments to the NHS or university.


Make sure you include the items listed below

  1. A timetable of activities- take your previous year's job plan (if applicable).
  2. A summary of all the Programmed Activities (PAs) or sessions of each type in the timetable.
  3. On-call arrangements, ie supplementary category and rota.
  4. A list of agreed SMART objectives or outcomes.
  5. A list of supporting resources necessary to achieve objectives.
  6. A description of additional responsibilities to the wider NHS and profession.
  7. A description of external duties (ie trade union, Royal College work etc).
  8. Any arrangements for additional PAs or sessions.
  9. Any details of regular private work.
  10. Any agreed arrangements for carrying out regular fee-paying services.
  11. Any special agreements or arrangements regarding the operation or interpretation of the job plan.
  12. Accountability arrangements.
  13. Any agreed flexible working arrangements.



  • To complete a job planning diary.
  • Take the lead in the discussion. It is your working life!
  • Follow the appeal structure if you cannot agree at the second interview.
  • Speak to your Local Negotiating Committee or Industrial Relations Officer if you have problems.