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Dr Diary

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Built by doctors, for doctors

Working with a range of BMA members from across the UK, we have launched a new job planning tool for NHS consultants, SAS doctors and medical academics to help address your job planning challenges.

It's easy to use. Just download the app to your phone or tablet, or login on the desktop tool, and start tracking your work on the go. Simply enter your work activity details from a personalised list; allowing the tool to build a picture over time.

You can then download your report via the desktop tool to check against your job plan and ensure it reflects the hours you work.

Your entries are completely confidential - you can choose what to share at your job planning meeting.

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Get Dr Diary

You can download the Dr Diary app on your phone or tablet or access it from your desktop. The information you input syncs to both devices, so you can use it wherever you are, even if you're offline.

Please note Dr Diary only works for doctors on the 2003 contract onwards.

Dr Diary for mobile

The app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

To download it, search for ‘Dr Diary’ in Google Play or the Apple App Store, or use the following links: 

Dr Diary for desktop

Use Dr Diary on your laptop, PC or Mac.

Sign in below to access and begin using the Dr Diary tool.

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Need help?

If you're using the new job planning tool Dr Diary for the first time, we recommend you follow these three steps:

1. Read through our FAQs

2. Watch our three helpful video guides

3. Still stuck? Contact us


How Dr Diary can benefit you

  • Consultants, create a fair balance between your direct clinical care, supporting professional activities and other responsibilities
  • SAS doctors, get more control of your time and provide your reviewer with evidence at your appraisal and revalidation
  • If you're a medical academic, use Dr Diary to help create a fair, integrated and flexible job plan which covers your combined clinical and academic work

Remember to share the app with your colleagues to ensure a unified approach to job planning reviews.


Missing the old job plan diary?

You can still find it here.



  • Video guides

    These three videos will help you to:

    • get started
    • add and edit work activities
    • create and download reports via the desktop tool.


    Get started

    Add and edit work activities

    Create and download reports