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Dr Diary

Find out if your PAs are accounted for in your job plan.

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What is Dr Diary?

Dr Diary is a key part of the job planning process. It lets you track your PAs accurately and see if your workload is accounted for in your job plan.


Who can use Dr Diary?

Any consultant, SAS doctor or medical academic in the UK, who is a BMA member and on the post-2003 contract.

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How do I use Dr Diary?

Add activities to the app, at a time convenient to you.

Once you've added just one week of work activities, you can generate a report, giving you insight into whether you're working outside your agreed job plan. 

For a fuller picture, simply capture six to eight weeks of activities and generate a report for your job plan review meeting to evidence your workload.

Gather insights on your workload:

With Dr Diary reports you can find out:

  1. your average number of PAs
  2. a breakdown of your PAs by week
  3. your on-call activities
  4. extra workload that is not accounted for in your job plan.

Use these reports to find out if you're working outside of your agreed job plan, and evidence this at your job plan review.

To get the most from Dr Diary, make sure you familiarise yourself with the steps involved in the job planning process, so you can ensure an accurate job plan.


Already a user? Version 4.4 new release features

See how your feedback shaped our newest release. 

 Your feedback  Release 4.4
When I open the app, I always have to search for today's date. The diary page now automatically adjusts to today's date. That means no more scrolling to add an activity.
I am regularly on-call until the early hours, but I occasionally go on annual leave the same day. You can now add annual leave and activities on the same day (i.e. you finish your on-call at 4am and your leave starts at 7am. Or if your annual leave ends at 5pm and your DCC clinic activity starts at 10pm on the same day).
I have activities that take place overnight and continue the next day. You can now add activities that start and end on two consecutive days (i.e. add a DCC activity that starts at 8pm and ends at 4am the following day).
My job plan doesn't contain any SPA activities. You can now add zero SPAs to Dr Diary if your job plan doesn’t contain any SPA activities.
I often have to carry out SPA activities while on-call. You can now add SPA activities while on-call - reflecting the reality of being a doctor.

Remember to add six to eight weeks of work activities and generate a report to evidence your workload at your job plan review. Enter your activities now.


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You can still find it here.

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